Famara Surf Area

Lanzarote Surf Spot: El Quemao, La Santa1 – El Quemao
The island’s most famous wave, and one of the world’s most powerful. Very fast and hollow reef break, left and right.
Lanzarote Surf Spot: La Santa2 – La Santa

  • La Santa Left: reef break of impressive quality, perfect 364 days of the year, long, hollow and powerful, good for manoeuvers and barrels. Left and right.
  • La Santa Centre: magic reef break, an easy, mellow and long wave that is perfect for manoeuvers and some small barrels. Left.
  • La Santa Right: reef break, incredibly long and powerful wave that is good for manoeuvres and barrels, can handle very large swells. Right.

Lanzarote Surf Spot: Caleta Caballo3 – Caleta Caballo
The bay of Caleta Caballo offers a variety of reef breaks: two mellow rights, one short and the other longer with some small barrels, and a long mellow left.
Lanzarote Surf Spot: San Juan. Famara4 – San Juan
San Juan has been chosen to host a leg of the world’s championship thanks to its very long left reef break, perfect for manoeuvres and barrels, which connects to a second and third peak on the best days. The beach’s beauty is unspoiled, with a natural pool that is perfect for swimming and snorkelling.
Lanzarote Surf Spot: Famara5 – Caleta de Famara

  • El Cagao: short, fast reef break of excellent quality for surfers of all levels. Left and right.
  • El Muelle: fast and long reef break perfect for barrels and manoeuvres. Left and right.
  • El Barco: incredibly long and mellow left and right reef breaks, perfect for longboards, stand-up-paddles and beginner surfers starting to ride unbroken waves.
  • Famara beach: countless left and right, beach and beach/reef breaks for all levels, set in an amazing landscape with the Risco mountain in the background.

North-East Surf Area

Lanzarote Surf Spot: Orzola Beach6 – Orzola Beach
Another beautiful break located to the extreme north of the island, on a beach adjacent to the small fishermen’s village of Orzola. Long, easy break starting on the reef and ending on the shore
Lanzarote Surf Spot: Jameos del agua7 – Jameos del agua
Impressive left reef break with two sections, the first one breaking out to sea and connecting to a second section on big days, to form the longest wave on the island. The second section is perfect for barrels and manoeuvres and breaks in turquoise waters.
Lanzarote Surf Spot: La Garita Beach, Arrieta8 – La Garita Beach, Arrieta
Numerous short and fast shorebreak peaks set on a beautiful, animated beach with a pier, skate park, beach volley and soccer grounds, a bar and a restaurant.