Our surf centre is open every day, all year round!

One-off Surf Class

Surf School

  • 1 day
  • From 10h30 to 15h00
  • Any day of the week

A relaxed approach enabling you to give surfing a go on your holiday.

For beginners and intermediate surfers. Small groups, split by level.

Surf Camp

Surf Camp

  • From 3 to 10 days
  • Every day from 10h30 to 15h00
  • Starts any day of the week

A great way to learn to surf or improve your level in a more intensive way, while also keeping free time for other activities in the afternoons.

Shared or private accommodation by the beach.

For beginner and intermediate surfers. Small groups, split by level.

Surf Safari

Surf Safari

  • From 1 to 10 days
  • Adaptable schedule
  • Starts any day of the week

We’ll take you to the best spot according to the conditions of the day for an unforgettable surf session. Improve your level while discovering new spots on the island.

For intermediate and advanced surfers. Very small groups (max. 3-4 surfers).

Advanced Surf Coaching

Surf Coaching

“Surf Clinic”:

Improve your style and technique.
Better results in championships.
Obtain sponsors.

  • Observation and coaching
  • Photo and video analysis
  • Physical & Mental training
  • Diet for better performance
  • Heat strategy and heat trial
For advanced surfers.


Rental without surf lessons: Board Rental from: 15€ / day | Board+Wetsuit Rental: 20€ / day | Bike Rental: 15€ / day | SkateBoard rental: 6€ / day

Teaching System

All our classes include a theoretical and a practical part, and will cover the following topics depending on your level:

  • Evolving safely in the water:
    • Basic safety rules
    • Priority rules
    • Understanding how the spot works (wind, tide, swell, rip currents, getting in and out etc.)
  • Position on the board
  • Paddling technique
  • Handling the white water
  • Take off
  • Timing
  • Position on the wave
  • Getting to the line-up, duck diving
  • Reading the wave
  • Following the wave
  • Basic turns
  • Handling different types of waves, reef breaks
  • Advanced manoeuvres
  • Improving and perfecting your style

We have developed a teaching system that is adaptable to all student types & levels. If you learn fast, we will speed things up; if you don’t want to rush, we will take it slow. Either way, we will always teach with passion and use all our experience to ensure your time with us is productive, fun and unforgettable.

  • Where there's swell all is well!
  • Having fun while learning to surf
  • Yoga class after surf
  • Nice ride!
  • Lanzasurf mascot Chela
  • Evandro giving technical explanations at lunch break
  • Surf camp, Theory on the beach
  • Technical explanations in the water Mathilde
  • Evandro and the girls Famara beach
  • Friends' surf Famara
  • Surf camp Lanzarote
  • January Surf Camp Famara
  • Beautiful winter surf class at Famara beach
  • The joy of riding the wave for the first time!
  • Evandro giving technical explanations on the beach
  • Intermediate surf course Famara
  • Catching first wave standing up!
  • Learning to duck dive on a surf safari

How to prepare for the surf camp

You do not need any specific preparation before the surf camp. However, if you have surfed before, you will know that a good physical condition can have a great influence on your progression.

If you feel like getting in shape before the camp, running, swimming and practicing yoga are all great ways to build up resistance and strength while also improving your breathing capacity, all of which can make a big difference in your surfing performance.