About Lanzasurf

Lanzasurf is owned and managed by Evandro Muñoz. It was originally founded in 2006 as a Surf Sports Club, the “Club Deportivo de Surf La Salta”. In 2012 it was reactivated and turned into a surf school, but kept its initial philosophy: to share our experience and our passion for surfing and make it possible for all, from beginner to advanced surfers, to enjoy exhilarating surfing moments with us.

Safety and teaching quality are very important to us: our surf instructors have a wealth of experience, are qualified by national and international surfing associations and are trained lifesavers. Lanzasurf is an Official Surf School of the Canary Islands Surf Association.

The material we use is high-quality and adapted to each student’s level and the tuitions are provided to reduced-size groups (max. 6 students per instructor) so we can provide you tailored advice in and outside of the water.

We believe surfing is all about sharing: we will put our heart into offering you an unforgettable surfing experience and making you feel comfortable and part of our family.

About Evandro

Evandro Muñoz de Medeiros

Born in:
Sao Paulo, Brazil on 04.10.1977


Languages spoken:
Spanish | Portuguese | English

Has surfed in:
Brazil, Hawaii, mainland Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal, France, England

Evandro started surfing at the age of 6 in his hometown of Vila Caiçara, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been competing since the age of 11 in regional, national and international surf contests.

He is a qualified surf instructor and has been teaching for the last 12 years. He is also a qualified surf judge and has been called to work on several occasions on the Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish circuits.

Evandro moved to the Canary Islands in 2004 and worked for a number of surf schools before setting up his own. He is Lanzasurf’s operations manager and chief surf instructor.


  • National Surf and Bodyboard Coach, Spanish Surfing Association & Spanish Sports Board
  • National Surf Coach, British Surfing Association
  • Surf Judge, Canary Islands Surfing Association
  • National Beach Lifeguard, Royal Life Saving Society UK
  • Surf Rescue Techniques, Sao Paulo firefighters
  • Rescue and First Aid, Las Palmas Safety Academy
  • Emergency Rescue for Rafting Guides, Sao Paulo firefighters

About Carolina

Carolina Sanchez

Born in:
Madrid, on 10.06.1987


Languages spoken:
Spanish | French | English

Has surfed in:

Dived in:
Caribbean, Malaysia, Canary Islands

Carolina has spent more than 10 years dedicating her life to the sea, and more specifically to scuba diving, which is her greatest passion.
The last 7 years she worked in the Caribbean as a diving instructor and manager.

With his small family she decided to come to live in Lanzarote to start a new life, and to introduce himself into the world of Surfing.

Since then, she has worked as administrator in Lanzasurf. She is the one who will answer your reservations and all your questions.


  • Diving Instructor by PADI & SSI organizations
  • First Aid Instructor PADI & SSI

About Gordon

Gordon Carey

Born in:


Languages spoken:

Has surfed in:
West Coast of Ireland, France, mainland Spain, Canary Islands, Morocco, Indonesia

I started surfing in Ireland at an age of 18 a bit late but learning to surf in Ireland you have to learn quickly, as you can imagine? .
In the years from then and now I have surfed and sailed (sailing is my second passion) in a few places around the world. Bring sailing and surfing together has given me a great knowledge of how the ocean can harness a humbling amount of energy. As beach manager and surf instructor I can use that knowledge and experience to pass on to all who arrive in Lanzasurf.
In all the schools I have worked for over the years I settled with Lanzasurf in 2015, as it has a great ethos for this out let of knowledge of waves, sea and passion of teaching surfing.


  • National beach life guard, royal life saving society UK
  • National Irish Surf Instructor I.S.A.
  • Outdoor Adventure Management
  • I.S.A International cert for Operators of Pleasure Craft
  • I.S.A Power boat Instructor Level 2
  • I.S.A Windsurfing Instructor Level 3
  • I.S.A Safety Boat Award
  • Coastal Skippers
  • Child Protection Course
  • RYA: Powerboat Inst Level 2, RYA: First aid, Sports for all leader awards, Health and safety.

About Sito


Born in:


Languages spoken:
Spanish | French | English | Catalan

Has surfed in:
Spain, France, Portugal, Canary Islands, Canada, Morocco and Nicaragua.

Sito born in Barcelona, he has been dedicated all his live at the action sports society, surfing, kayaking and skiing, was his way of life, as a competitor, guide and instructor.

Sito is moved to Canary Islands in 2013; motivated to surf and live in this little paradise from 2017 is one of the instructors in Lanzasurf.


  • Sports technician III, CAR, Barcelona. (Surf, Kayak, ski. 2003/2009)
  • Mountain Gide
  • River Guide
  • International Freestyle Judge.
  • Equipper II (rescue and first aid, France)
  • White water international rescue. Spain.

About Chela

Born in:
Muñique, Lanzarote


Languages spoken:

Chela is 11 years old.

She was born and raised in the Canary Islands.

Although she doesn’t surf, she enjoys playing on the beach and in the waves and she experienced a few wipe outs in her teenage years. Formerly a professional flip-flop destroyer, she has now retired but kept her honorific title as Lanzasurf’s official pet.


  • Cuddle bag award, 2016
  • Flip-flop destroyer award, 2015 & 2016

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