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Aviclaim: Be informed about your flight rights!

Bildschirmfoto 2019 06 07 Um 17.29.52Aviclaim: Be informed about your flight rights and claim for your compensation

Finally the well deserved holiday is here, with lanzasurf off to the sea. Full of anticipation you stand with your luggage at the airport, ready to take your flight. But then you get the unexpected message that your flight cannot take place as planned. Flight delays and cancelled flights are part of everyday life for airlines, but for passengers this is an exceptional situation. Especially in these moments it is important to stay calm and know what to do. Passenger rights portals such as Aviclaim offer affected passengers information about their rights and a free eligibility check.

Receive up to € 600 compensation per person

Not many passengers are well informed about their rights and therefore lose the chance to claim them. According to European law (​Regulation EC 261/2004)​ , passengers on flights taking off or landing in the EU (if taking off outside the EU: airline must be based in the EU) are entitled to financial compensation if the flight reaches its destination more than three hours delayed or was cancelled completely. The moment you receive the information about the cancellation plays a decisive role. If you get informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before the scheduled departure time, you are entitled to compensation from the airline. Depending on the route, the airline must pay €250 (up to 1,500 km), €400 (up to 3,500 km) or €600 (from 3,500 km) compensation per person.

What happens to tickets already purchased?

You are standing at the airport with a cancelled or​ delayed flight​ and your booked ticket for the surf school, for example, in your luggage. The frustration is particularly great with event trips like these. In addition to compensation payments, the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation also provides for reimbursements for additional expenses incurred directly as a result of flight problems. This includes things such as hotel or catering costs during the waiting period for the next flight. Unfortunately, activities booked in advance are not included in these expenses, they are referred to as frustration damage. Sadly, these costs are not covered by the EU Regulation. However, reimbursement may be made for the expenses incurred for e.g. a one-week

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