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Best of Surf & Yoga

Lanzasurf has opened its Yoga and Massage Center in Lanzarote. To compliment the needs of each of our clients when they visit the island and our surf school and even for all those settled in Famara.

Being honest we know that Surfing and Yoga go hand in hand. But could you tell me why?

There are many opinion’s. Health, calmness, connection in yourself, etc. that make more and more people get involved in this activity. But from our point of view, there is much, much more.
In fact, in one of our posts some time ago, we commented on how the practice of yoga has changed the life of Evandro Muñoz.

How Yoga changed my life… and my surfing!

Surfing requires many qualities that you have or that you can work with, such as:

Balance – Energy – Concentration.

There are people who have these qualities innate, but for those who do not have them, practicing Yoga does a very important job in these 3 qualities necessary to better understand surfing and be able to do it with less effort.

Balance: In its self can be hard to achieve. Example: you are standing on a board and this board is on water, now you are moving forward. A process that you might think is beyond your balance skills? Well maybe not! As yoga helps to prepare you for most of these tasks on the water. You will notice a huge difference once you try.

Energy: Surfing does not require you to be in perfect physical shape to start. But will requires you to use the energy you have in a more practical way as you improve. Yoga can help to improve with this, to feel much better on the board as you use your strength and energy so it can become easier.

Concentration: What would it be to have balance and strength if we do not know how to use it? Yoga helps with Concentrating on our qualities, our energy in each wave, and having your mind free to be able to get carried away by the wave, and this is why it is one of the most important things.

We often keep our mind very active when we do some physical activity’s, but what we really want when we surf is to get carried away by each wave. Feel the sea and nature as a whole.
The practice of Yoga, helps us to have these three points well worked for when we want to go surfing next time.

Although we are not used it, while surfing we work parts of our body that we are not used to using, and while we warm up and stretch in each class, sometimes we can become tense and sore. A relaxing massage can help with all this.

If you are a beginner or not, practicing yoga while surfing and having a massage at the end of the day is the perfect combination to have the best surf vacation and feel in perfect condition and harmony with yourself come the end of your experience that we offer you.