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Yoga Mat

Best tips for yoga

We have already talked about Yoga many times, but this is new!
If you thought that do Yoga starts simply by taking a matt and start to breathe and stretch… you were wrong!
How many times have you felt uncomfortable during a Yoga session? It is not nice and it doesn’t help to keep calm, relax and focus. Not only that, during Yoga we try to connect with nature, and if our matt is made of plastic, how we can do that?
That’s why your Yoga matt is so important!

How to choose the best yoga mats:
– A good yoga matt should have a good balance between being squishy enough to take some of the pressure off your joints, while being dense enough to offer a stable foundation.
– The “grippiness” of a matt has two parts. One is how much grip the matt has against your hands and feet, the other is how well it grips to the floor.
– We wanted to make sure our top picks would be easy to clean and that they were durable. The sweet spot is a matt that sticks well to the floor, but doesn’t hold onto dirt and debris.

Yoga Mat 2 Yoga Mat 3

How to find the right Yoga matt for you
Research the materials
– Yoga matt’s material affects its stickiness, durability, comfort, texture, and whether or not it is environmentally friendly.
Consider size
– Instructor Amira Freidson tells us that a standard-size yoga matt is 68 inches long — just long enough for someone who is five-foot-eight tall. To make sure you’re not too cramped during practice, check to see if your whole body fits on the mat while lying down with your face towards the ceiling.
Consider portability
– The grippiest, most comfortable Yoga matt in the world is still a pain if you’re constantly struggling to take it to and from class. If you intend on commuting with your matt, you may want to consider one that is lighter or comes with a carrying case.
Choose a price range
– Price is an important factor when considering a Yoga mat. If you’re a new yogi, it might make sense to choose a more affordable matt with fewer frills.
How do I clean my yoga mat?
– It’s best to clean your yoga matt at least once a week to prevent staining and buildup. Use water and gentle cleansers like lemon juice or dish soap, but avoid abrasive sponges. Wipe down excess moisture and let your matt dry away from direct sunlight or high temperatures, which can accelerate the breakdown of natural materials like rubber. When in doubt, check your matt manufacturer’s care guidelines.

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