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Camper Lanzarote

Experience the nomad surfer’s life!

Ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of the waves, grabbing your board and jumping into the water for an early morning surf session? Then having a hot shower and prepare yourself a nice meal while watching the sets roll on the beach?

Lanzasurf and Rent Camper Canarias have joined forces to offer you a unique package in the Canary Islands:

Surf & Rent a Camper for a week in Lanzarote!

All in one: learn to surf or improve your surfing, park right in front of the spots, discover the island, sleep in a comfortable bed, prepare your meals in a fully-equipped kitchen and have as many hot showers as you like.

The pack includes 7 days camper rental and 5 days surf course all inclusive and has a price of €530 per person based on 2 people per camper.

Get ready for the real experience on your next holiday!