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New Surf 5

Testimonial: Surf safari between friends

We jumped into the Lanzasurf van and off we went to the east coast, in search of the perfect wave! After 30 minutes checking various spots, Evandro stopped the van on the side of the road and pointed at a perfectly-shaped 1-meter wave breaking in turquoise waters, with no other surfer in sight… The wave was suitable for everybody – mellow and easy to catch, then getting a little more powerful in the second section. All of us, beginners and intermediate surfers, had an amazing time and felt like we were sharing a unique moment together. Evandro managed to dedicate one-on-one time to every one of us, providing us tailored advice and precious tips. After several hours surfing, we went for lunch and a few beers in a restaurant by the beach, which was a nice touch to end our surf adventure