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Surf School in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

We want you to have a great time with us and to feel part of our family, as we believe this is what surfing is all about. We will do everything to make you feel at home while sharing unique surfing moments with us.
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Surf Classes | Camps | Safaris - Small Groups & Tailored Classes - For all levels | All year round

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Sunny weather

Lanzarote Endless Spring - Temperate Water - Top Wave Quality

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Why choose us?

Join the Lanzasurf Family! - Your Surf Videos & Photos - Fun & Safe | Quality of Coaching

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Low Cost

Lanzarote Low Cost of Living - Accommodation By the Beach - Direct Low-Cost Flights


Safety and teaching quality are very important to us: our surf instructors have a wealth of experience, are qualified by national and international surfing associations and are trained lifesavers. Lanzasurf is an Official Surf School of the Canary Islands Surf Association. We believe surfing is all about sharing: we will put our heart into offering you an unforgettable surfing experience and making you feel comfortable and part of our family.

5-day Surf Course

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Surf House

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5-day Yoga Course

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Default Avatar 2020 2
Wir kommen zurück! Von A bis Z hat alles gestimmt. Die Mitarbeiter waren sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und natürlich lustig. Gerade zum Thema surfen haben sich alle sehr viel Zeit genommen. Außerdem konnte man im kleinen Shop nette Erinnerungen käuflich erwerben und die Massage ließ keine Wünsche offen. Super Service in allen Bereichen und gerne kommen wir wieder!
Default Avatar 2020 44
Julia, Wipeout Queen
I promise I'll be back! Very very nice surf teachers and super friendly service. Surfing was so much fun. They brought us to nice places after surf lessons, so that we could watch a championchip on surfing. The appartment was very nice and clean. I love Famara, it is a magical place!! I'll be back there for surfing as soon as possible!! Happy to meet you guys again. Cheers Julia
Aya A
Aya A
I’ll be back! Lanzasurf is a great school for surf and yoga. I took lessons with a few surf schools before, but Lanzasurf is by far more superior in terms of quality. One lesson took about 5 hours of teaching theory and practice. The instructor (in my case Dejan) observed each individual and corrected their mistakes with lots of patience and attentiveness. I also stayed in the surfhouse. A great place to stay right by the beach. I happened to be there in the time governments were taking decisions regarding corona lockdown. Lanzasurf staff handled the situation extremely well by keeping people informed and well taken care of. I have to say, I was impressed by how everyone of them offered support and treated the group as family. In times like this, you see how genuine and responsible people are. I can’t recommend the school enough because of the people behind it. If anyone should go in the future, I’d say they are in safe hands, they’ll get real value for their money and they will have lots of fun no doubt! Much love for Dejan, Gabby, Mattia, Evandro, Sona and Marco!
Luca Palmen
Beyond expectations! For a long time I had the desire to learn how to surf, but unfortunately I was always in the wrong places without waves. Lanzarote seemed to be perfect for beginners and I couldn't be happier to have chosen the Lanzasurf school to finally do so. Initially I only booked 2 days to learn the basics, but the atmosphere within the group and in connection with the surf instructors - Mattia + Dejan - was so extraordinary that I spontaneously extended for another 2 days. Which was not even close to a problem, thanks to the kindest receptionist Gabby. All in all i would never had expected it to be such an amazing experience. Even in these hard times now, thinking back always brings a smile on my face and gives me something to look forward to. I‘ll come back as soon as possible! Thank you for everything, as well as for making sure i‘m not getting sunburnt.. 😉 Stay strong and see you very soon. All the best, Luca
Default Avatar 2020 28
L'entrée dans une famille de surfers et un état d'esprit des plus à la cool ! Ce qui est bluffant à Lanzasurf c'est la facilité avec laquelle tout se déroule. C'est la cool attitude par excellence ! Quel bonheur ! Cette cool attitude n'empêche en rien le sérieux des cours de surf et une pédagogie au top (special thanks to Dejan and Mattia!). Tout se passe en petit groupe, l'attention portée aux détails pour chacun est impressionnante. Il y a dans cette école un véritable esprit de famille, l'atmosphère et positive et bienveillante. J'ai été impressionné par le nombre de personnes qui étaient là pour la 2ème/3ème... fois ! Nous reviendrons dans ce coin de paradis (Famara) prendre des cours dans cette école, et pas qu'une fois !!

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Getting Here

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16.04.20 | Tuesday

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14.03.20 | Tuesday