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While I was in Lanzarote I wanted to make a different plan from what most surf tourist do and go a bit more on adventure. My surfing level is no longer a beginner level. I wouldnt consider myself an expert either, its more of an intermediate. When I travel to new surfing spots I tend to go with someone that has gone before or I talk with the local surfers. If its a beach break im not afraid of going in by my self . I sit for a while analizing the scenario, where do surfers go in and out of the wáter, where are the best surfers and the best peaks and I watch carefully for the currents. When it comes to reefbreaks Im not so confident. I always go with someone my first time, I feel more comfortable if I go with someone that has surf several times this spot.

I felt really lucky to meet Evandro while I was in Lanzarote. He is the owner of Lanzasurf, a small surf school in Famara. Its familly atosphere makes you feel really comfy. He was the one who proposed crossing to La Graciosa to surf new waves and do what its known as a Surfari. The plan was to take just the essentials; surfboards, hat, sunscreen and a camping tent and try to find some lonely place to surf alone. The forecast wasnt looking very favorable but I wanst gonna miss this chance.


From the beginning the Surfari was an adventure. We leaft La Caleta de Famara by car really early. It took us 40 minutes to get to Órzola where we took a small ferry to cross to the island. Its better if you take the first boats so that you can make the most of your day in La Graciosa. At night you have got a lot of time to rest beacuse their is not much going on in the only village on the island.

It´s absolutely necessary to take a bike but if you dont have one you can rent it their, there are lots of places for rental bikes. We already had two so when we desembarqued we went directly to set up the camping tent, get ridd of all the unneccesary stuff and get some bread and cans of tuna and vegetables to make nice sandwitches. Once we did all that we were ready for the search.


They are several spots around La Graciosa. Guided by the forecast we decided to cycle southwest. The volcanic landscape its breathtaking. We stopped a few times to take some pictures and rest a bit because althought its not a long ride but when you are carrying surfboards its that hot its necessary.

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When we arrived to the spot a mini wave was perfectly breaking on top of the rocks. At the beginning I wasnt very convinced and Evandro proposed to do a snorkel-surf. This way we could see what was beneath us and examine the ground and surf more confident. A big surprised was waiting for us when we jumped into the wáter. When i first put my head in the sea the floor was full of fish it was like a fish carpet, how awesome! While we were waiting for the set to come we dived to admire nature. When the set was big enough we took our snorkel and googles off and powerfully paddle to catch the wave. You have to try snorkel surfing at least once!


After surfing its was time to relax and enjoy the feeling of being isolated with good people. Evandro has been living in Lanzarote for many years and he knows a lot of storys from the villagers and their lands. Its worth seatting for a talk with him. I felt also really comfortable just doing absolutley nothing, watching the clouds pass by, taking some short naps, collecting some nice seashells, going for a walk, exploring sealife inside rock pools.


Sunday its what I would call an exploration and going -wild day! We took everything we need in the bikes baskets and we head south, Montaña Amarilla direction. Montaña Amarilla is a small beach in La Graciosa, probably the most beautiful beach of Lanzarote, its breath taking! The Access to this beach is not very recommended for bikes. The paths turn into sand dunes so after pushing the bikes for a while we decided to abandom them behing the dunes. Actually we hide something every half hour  cause we felt to lazzy to carry them. I just ended up in this amazing beach with my bikini, my googles and a bottle of wáter. No Words to describe the beauty of this place. On our way back we started collecting everything that we had left on our way. Evandro showed us the different waves in this part of the islands, its full of peaks, unluckly their wasnt enought swell for this day.

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Mirador del Rio, Lanzarote

Before catching the last ferry you cant miss the chance to try the Gofio ice cream in the bakery of the village and get something sweet as a reward for the fantastic weekend!

So, if you are looking for something different contact the Lanzaurf guys, they will organise the best surfari you ca have in Lanzarote. The desert paths and surfing alone gives you the sensation of being lost in no -mans land. And this experience its just a couple of hours flight from home. Thank you Lanzasurf sharing your Lanzarote surf tips with me, see you son!